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Blockchain analytics for Koinos


Koiner member of Koinos Federation

Aligned with the mission of Koinos, the mission of Koiner is to make the blockchain data of the Koinos ecosystem accessible and help grow the Koinos ecosystem by providing valuable insights, monitoring tools + notifications.

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What We Do

Koiner provides an easy-to-use blockchain analytics dashboard that provides insights in user activities, dApp and DAO activities, growth, tokenomics, governance and network health.

The Problem We Solve

Blockchain offers a transparent database, which, however, is inherently not easily accessible to its users. We solve this problem by making the Koinos blockchain data visible, searchable and easy to analyze.

Why We Use Koinos

We believe that in order to combat the systemic crises we are facing, we need to get organized as communities around specific topics and solve problems together.

This requires decentralized, transparent, antifragile, resilient, scalable systems that can be improved quickly. Koinos is the only blockchain that can provide the infrastructure for such systems.

Key Benefits

Koiner offers a freemium product. We believe all important blockchain data should be available for users to be analyzed. On top of that you can track your portfolio and activities.

Koiner Pro will be launched in 2024 which will offer extra features to make it easier to stay on top of your dApp, DAO and personal activities.