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Koinos is a feeless layer one blockchain designed for maximum decentralization and mass adoption

100% Fair Launch

Original supply mined through proof of work — like Bitcoin — with no ICO, no tokens for founders, and no tokens for investors

Developer Obsessed

Universal Language Support enables devs to work in the languages they already know and love like TypeScript and C++

Free to Use

Just like the internet! The Koinos Mana system allows people to use the blockchain without spending, or even holding, ANY tokens

No Hard Forks

Fork-less upgrades allow Koinos to rapidly adopt scaling and performance solutions

Eco Friendly

Proof-of-burn consensus mechanism eliminates meaningless computational work

Available to All

No need to invest in expensive mining machinery… proof-of-burn changes the opportunity-cost of securing the network from money to time

Flexible Supply

KOIN token supply expands and contracts based on market conditions, like most advanced global currencies, but administered in a fully decentralized and algorithmic manner

Egalitarian by Design

Resistance to hardware centralization delivers on Satoshi’s original vision of a truly peer-to-peer electronic cash that utilizes spare computational resources